No Check-in Fees & Closest to The Jails

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically your first call would be to a local bail bonds company or to the jail directly. Either can give you information on the charges for the arrested person.

Not at all. Although on the surface it seems that most charge the same premium or price, there is often a difference. Allot of companies charge extra check in fees after the person has been released from jail. You also want a company that is experienced and reputable. When people shop for a bail bonds company, they need to ask the questions. Do you send out reminders before my court date? Are there payment plan options on larger bonds? How long have you been in business?

Typically, most misdemeanor cases are over within one year. A misdemeanor is an offense that is regarded as less serious and it is a nonindictable offense. A misdemeanor offense caries a maximum sentence of 1 year in jail. Felony cases can last several years, especially if they involve drugs or sexual battery. Felony cases are more serious crimes and typically these crimes involve an indictment and a trial.